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Dakendra Singh Thegim
In the history of the Kirat religion, the name 'Sanba Pabitra Hangma Lingden' will always be memorable and honorable until the earth, the sky; the sun and the moon remain in the universe. She is the quite worthy life companion of present religious Dharma Guru Muhigum Qngsimang Lingden Atmananda 'Seing'. The Kirats who follow the Kirat religion think her as 'Thamending Manumang' or a divine mother and they believe and respect her as an incarnation of 'Yuma'. In the Kirat Samjik Mundhum (the scripture or the Vedas). 'Yuma' the symbol of power in an old-lady-form is known as the creator or the goddess of the creation. Not only the creator but 'Yuma' is believed as the goddess of wealth, education prosperity and the sources of all powers.
Ongsimamang Sanba Pabitra Hangma Lingden was born on the third phagun of 2031 B.S. at Banjho VDC-8 Aadipur Khalange as the first daughter of Subba Sanba Birkha Dhoj and Samsuhang Kaushila (Aishwori) among eleven children. At the age of nineteen on the 22nd of Magh 2032 B.S. Ongsimamang got married with Muhigum Ongsimang Lingden Atmnanda ‘Seing’ at Gairidham Chukchinamba temple. From the very beginning both Ongsimang and Ongsimamang were regarded as spiritual births. So the devotees and disciples regarded their wedding as divine wedding. After their divine wedding, the worldly practical life of the Ongsimang and the Ongsimamang began in reality. Besides keeping continue to disseminate the Kirat religion wandering in different places, they seated down at Larumba started to keep cattle and farming as ordinary people it is amazing fact in the history of the Kirat religion that both the Ongsimang and the Ongsimamang are seen working in the fields. Although Ongsimamang has been the mother of twelve children (six sons and six daughter but two daughters expired), her physically activeness smartness, and strength make us really surprise.
Ongsimamang has extraordinary qualities she is hardworking, frank, bold, kind, forgiving, affectionate. I think there are on enough words to describe her. She has a major contribution to the conservation and preservation of the Kirat religion language and culture. She didn't pull her legs back in promoting and preserving the Kirat religion even in the period of tyranny government so called partyless Panchayat system. Many times and very often the police administration come to Larumba where Ongsimang and Ongsimanang reside, to investigate them but Ongsimamang successfully faced the all problems and difficulties.
We have to learn many lessons form Ongsimamang, she is an enthusiastic, a rich-female personality, an expert administrator, householder. She always gives us spiritual knowledge. In the history of Kirat religion Ongsimamang Sanba Pabitra Hangma Lingden is reverend character.
The writer is the central chairman of theKirat Religion and Literature Uplifting Association Central Committee Damak Nepal


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